My Priorities

Shift power from OUSD’s central office to our school communities

  • Apply the Community Schools model to schools across the district. 
  • Learn from successful School Site Councils and families and educators, and support every site to recruit and facilitate active School Site Councils, including training support.
  • Support the great things that happen at our school that lead to increased graduation rates, literacy, and career and college transition by working with Peralta Community College District more collaboratively. 
  • Engage student organizations and leaders to be involved in all aspects of planning and implementations of district-wide programs.
  • Provide resources to educators to develop curriculum that is rooted in social and racial justice, and is culturally relevant to their students.   

 Prioritize supports for the whole student in our budgeting

  • Work to return the school district's finances to the local control of our democratically elected school board.
  • Recruit and retain quality educators and staff for every classroom at every school.
  • Use the unprecedented community schools funding from the state to increase support services and provide extra academic opportunities for students, families and communities.   
  • Review all consultant contracts and work with labor partners to identify work that can be done by our educators and classified professionals versus outside expensive contractors.  
  • Halt all school closures and conduct a robust audit of district spending to create a plan to meet the 3% reserve requirement while also providing schools the necessary resources to serve all students.
  • Create a robust plan for early childhood development in the district.


Focus on safety & stability at schools to help students succeed 

  • Ensure that our school sites have clean water and soil.   
  • Upgrade air filtration systems that help with smoke and Covid.
  • Upgrade HVAC to make sure classrooms are comfortable to teach and learn. 
  • Fully implement and strengthen the Reparations for Black Students resolution Protect students from historically marginalized communities.
  • Forge relationships with city leaders to tackle community safety in our school neighborhoods, including supporting more crossing guards.